When I began PT @ Succeed I had been having pain for months!  I just endured it for longer than I should have and after fantastic results @ Succeed I wish I had done PT much earlier.  Now, for the first time in months I had no leg or back pain.

It has been amazing to have relief, finally.  I would recommend Succeed for their knowledge, kindness, and accurate assessment of my problem and their encouragement along the way.  They made me feel like I can do these exercises on my own with "success".  This has been the much needed experience in doing the right things to improve my pain.  No shots-no pills...just the right exercises.

Cheryl M.

When I came to Succeed Physical Therapy I had very bad pain in my right leg to the point that walking and sleeping was a big problem.

I am so gald that I came to this place.  They treated me with respect and listened to my complaints.

The people who worked with me were great. Thank you for all your help and support.  If I ever need any therapy this the the first place I will call.

Thanks again.

Johanna V.

I went to Succeed Physical Therapy & Wellness after having knee replacement surgery.  At that time it was difficult to walk or do almost everything else in a normal way.  The staff worked with me and devised an exercise and therapy plan for my particular needs.  By the end of my program I am now able to walk normally, get in and out of my car easily and go up and down stairs without much difficulty.  My range of motion has returned fully as has my ability to do everyday activities.  

I thank the staff for their wonderful care, expertise, and  professionalism.                                                                                                                                   - Linda J. 

In November of last year I had rotator cuff surgery.  My shoulder was a mess!  Prior to working with Succeed Physical Therapy I couldn't lift anything, move my arm above my waist, button the back of my slacks, or much of anything, and I was in severe pain. After receiving therapy I was able to lift my arm above my head, lift 5 pounds, swim, ride a bike, use the rowing machine etc.  In summary it was 100%+!!! Great experience!

-Maureen H. 

I started out with lots of pain behind the left hip and thigh most all the time when up and standing with very limited time when playing pool.  Now I only have very limited pain after being up for long extended times and can now recover quickly and have played pool for up to 1 hour without pain.  Enjoyed working with Succeed Physical Therapy.

-Guy M.

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